Making Your Planning Application

Making Your Application

A planning application consists of various forms, plans and supporting information such as a Design and Access Statement, Ecology Survey or Heritage Statement to justify the proposal

We welcome any information you feel is relevant and the more information you can provide the better.

 A Ss.106 Legal Agreement will be required for every application for the development of 10 new dwellings or more and the payment of a RAMS (Essex coast recreational disturbance avoidance and mitigation strategy) contribution will be necessary on applications within the Zone of Influence where there is a net increase in dwelling numbers.

Submitting Your Application 

You can apply online via the Planning Portal or by submitting your application direct to the Council via 

Please note: The Planning Portal charge an administrative fee of £20 to process the online application.

If you choose to submit your application direct to TDC, you can pay by card or cheque by calling 01255 686161.

Forms, Fees & Information 

The following links will take you to our application forms, fees and examples of the types of plans and drawings we require.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes (SuDS)

Essex County Council is the LLFA (Lead Local Flood Authority) and a statutory consultee in relation to major applications.  A proforma for sustainable drainage is required on major applications and the proforma, along with further information, can be found via the following link to the Design Guide Sustainable Drainage


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