Advice before making an Application

We encourage Pre Application discussions and welcome you to seek our opinion on your proposal by submitting a Request for Pre-application Advice.

We have now introduced a formal approach for pre application enquiries relating to proposals for:

  • new dwellings

  • householder extensions and alterations

  • changes of use

  • industrial / commercial / retail development

  • Major Developments

Detailed plans, a fee and completed application form are required for each enquiry.

Responses can be either by letter or discussed at a meeting with a follow up letter. A response by letter will be provided within 30 working days of receipt of the valid application.

The fee

The fee is dependent upon the type of development and advice required.

Pre-Application Advice Fees

How to apply

Print and complete the application form stating the full site address and details of the proposal. A scaled location plan, and photographs will be required as necessary, together with the relevant fee (see fees above).

Householder Request for Pre-Application Advice Form

Request for Pre-Application Planning Advice form

For further information please see the guidance notes.


Please note that any advice provided by the Council’s Officers is an informal opinion only and is made without prejudice to any formal determination which may be given in the event of an application being submitted. In particular, it will not constitute a formal response or decision of the Council with regard to any future planning applications, which will be subject to wider consultation and publicity. Although the Case Officer may indicate the likely outcome of a subsequent planning application, no guarantees can or will be given about the decision.

Free Self Help Guides

We have introduced a free of charge “Self Help” area on our website full of useful information and tips to help you. By using the link to the right of this page you will be able to access all of this information and useful links to the Planning Portal.

When thinking about making alterations or additions to your home it is very important to consider the following key issues;

  • The design of your house – Including its style, structure and materials.
  • The character of your road or area – would your proposal look out of place?
  • The size of your house and its plot – would your proposal be out of proportion?
  • The impact on your neighbours – including possible loss of privacy, sunlight and windows.
  • The impact on your neighbours - we would always advise that you discuss your proposals with your neighbours first.
  • Other constraints – including trees, Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings.

Poorly designed alterations and extensions have the potential to reduce the value of your property and can have a significant impact on the character and amenity of your local environment. Where a property owner wishes to replace an existing unsightly extension the opportunity should be taken to improve the design of the structure. The presence of an existing structure that is of poor design quality does not justify its replacement with a structure of similar quality.

Small Housebuilding Scheme

Tendring District Council is currently (Spring 2021) part of a pilot scheme to encourage small firms to bring forward developments of three to nine homes. Find out more about the pilot scheme on the initiative webpage.

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