Section 2 - Representations Received During Main Modifications Consultation July 2021

A consultation relating to the Inspectors Main Modifications was held between 16 July 2021 - 31 August 2021.  All representations received are published below.

MC001 - Tom Clarke MM7.1
MC002 - Nick Turner MM30.1
MC003 - Kevin Coleman Phase 2 Planning & Development Ltd MM44.2
MC004 - Sue Dobson Essex Bridleways Association MM43.3
MC005 - Jenny Robinson Chelmsford County Council MM33.1 MM33.2
MC006 - J Buxton Little Bromley Parish Council Map B.18 MOD A
MC007 - Sir Bob Russell MM4.1
MC008 - Neil Jarvis Forestry Commission MM43.1 MAP B.6 MOD Y
MC009 - Jack Nicholls Southcliffe Trailer Park MAP B.10 MOD E
MC010 - M Jericho ECC MM6.3
MC011 - M Jericho ECC MM6.2
MC012 - M Jericho ECC MM12.1 MOD B
MC013 - M Jericho ECC MM12.1 MOD D
MC014 - M Jericho ECC MM43.2
MC015 - M Jericho ECC MM44.2
MC016 - A Baxter Alresford Parish Council MM8.2 MM8.3
MC017 - A Baxter Alresford Parish Council AM1.4
MC018 - A Baxter Alresford Parish Council MM3.2
MC019 - A Baxter Alresford Parish Council MM20.1
MC020 - Pat Abbott Environment Agency MM31.1-3 MM34.1
MC021 - Andrew Marsh Historic England MM36.4
MC022 - Lisa Brown MAP B.5 MOD D
MC023 - Robert Middleton AMP B.18 MOD A
MC024 - Tracey Pulford Brightlingsea Parish Council MAP B.5
MC025 - Will Vote Rose Builders MM46.1 MM46.2 MAP B.28
MC026 - L Robinson Marine Management Organisation
MC027 - John Bowles Savills MM30.4
MC028 - MRPP Britton Developments MM43.2 MM43.3 MAP B6
MC029 - Mark Behrendt HBF MM13.1 MM37.2
MC030 - Tessa Lambert Natural England VARIOUS
MC031 - Sam Hollingsworth Strutt & Parker MM43.2 MM43.3 MM43.4
MC032 - Martyn Cooper Thorpe Parish Councillor MM3.3 MAP B.25 MAP B.26
MC033 - Rebecca Booth Leith Planning EPC UK
MC034 - Carol Banister MM16.3 MAP B.28
MC035 - Persimmon B.15
MC035 - Persimmon HRA
MC035 - Persimmon MM10.1
MC035 - Persimmon MM11.1
MC035 - Persimmon MM11.4
MC035 - Persimmon MM12.1J
MC035 - Persimmon MM12.1
MC035 - Persimmon MM12.2B
MC035 - Persimmon MM12.2E
MC035 - Persimmon MM12.2F
MC035 - Persimmon MM12.2
MC035 - Persimmon MM13.1
MC035 - Persimmon MM36.3A
MC035 - Persimmon MM37.2
MC035 - Persimmon MM37.4
MC035 - Persimmon MM4.1
MC035 - Persimmon MM45.1
MC035 - Persimmon MM5.5
MC035 - Persimmon MM5.8
MC035 - Persimmon MM5.9
MC035 - Persimmon MM8.3
MC035 - Persimmon MM9.1
MC035 - Persimmon MM9.3
MC035 - Persimmon SA
MC036 - Glynn Graves MM15.1
MC037 - Mike Parker TWL Logistics MM23.2 MM24.1
MC038 - Darl Sweetland Anglian Water
MC039 - Renaissance Holdings


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