Section 2 - Examination Overview and Latest Announcements

The Publication Draft Local Plan (2017) was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 9 October 2017 along with minor modifications made post consultation.

The document is in two parts:

  • Section 1 - Strategic Plan for North Essex - (This document is shared with Colchester Borough Council and Braintree District Council. Details of the examination are available on the Braintree District Council website
  • Section 2 - Policies, maps and sites for development, housing, employment, regeneration etc within Tendring District Council 

The Section 2 Local Plan is currently subject to an examination by Inspectors appointed by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. 

The government has recently updated their guidance on Local Plans: the examination process.


Latest Announcements

Inspectors' Report

On 24th November 2021, the Council received the Inspectors' final report and schedule of main modifications.

Inspectors' Final Report

Schedule of Main Modifications

Main Modifications Consultation

A 6-week public consultation on the Main Modifications and associated documents opened on 16th July 2021 and closed at 5pm on 31st August 2021.

All representations received during the consultation have been forwarded to the Inspectors, who will take them into account in coming to their final recommendations on legal compliance and soundness of the Section 2 Local Plan and the modifications that will need to be made to the Plan before the Council can proceed to its formal adoption.

19th May 2021

The Council has received a letter from the Inspectors, detailing the modifications they consider necessary to make the plan sound and the administrative arrangements for progressing the plan. The letter and annexes can be viewed on the Correspondence Page.

16th February 2021

The Inspector's Hearings Programme has now been published and is available to download.

8th January 2021

Dates for the hearings have now been decided and further details, including guidance and advice notes from the Inspectors, can be found on the Examination Details page.


Hearing Sessions Live Stream

The following link will take you to the live stream of the Section 2 Hearing Sessions:

By accessing this link you are able to view proceedings but will not be able to directly participate.


Privacy Notices

TDC's Privacy Notice can be accessed via the following link - Local Plan Privacy Notice

The PINS Privacy Notice can be accessed via the following link - PINS Privacy Notice

Notice for Participants

By participating in the Examination Process you are manifestly making public your image, voice and views with regard to this matter. Privacy Notices for Tendring District Council and PINS can be accessed via the following links above.

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