Clacton Pier to Holland Haven area Local Development Order

Clacton Pier to Holland Haven area Local Development Order

The Local Development Order (LDO) for Clacton and Holland on Sea Seafront was approved by Planning Committee on the 11th November 2014.

Background and aims

Many parts of the seafront within the LDO area have, in recent years, suffered from a lack of investment due to the need to spend limited funds on essential promenade and coastal defence maintenance. Parts of the cliff and promenade have had to be closed at various stages for safety reasons.

Some of the privately-owned beach huts appear to have lacked investment to raise the standard of the hut because of a high risk of storm damage and probably because of the lack of local amenities such as good or accessible beaches. The lack of available funds has also meant that other seafront infrastructure in this area has been allowed to deteriorate and there is substantial space along this part of our coast to add new beach huts.

With the major investment of £36m in new coast defences which will provide new beaches along a 5km frontage from Clacton Pier to Holland Haven, there is an opportunity to improve existing infrastructure and develop 1st class 21st century facilities along this stretch of seafront, creating a new vibrant leisure offer of a superior standard for both residents & visitors alike.

In addition, there is a further opportunity to encourage privately-owned beach huts to be improved and maintain their facilities and help create development opportunities for local businesses and sustainable business offers, which will in turn lead to job opportunities for local people.

What does the LDO permit?

The Clacton Pier to Holland Haven LDO allows the erection of new (and alterations to existing) beach huts, kiosks, shelters and toilet blocks and permits the erection of other structures such as play, sports and leisure equipment and other similar associated facilities without the need for planning permission subject to a number of restrictions on the size, height, design and location of the new development within the LDO area:

  1. The construction and/or alteration of buildings or other structures up to 6 metres in height or up the level of the greensward at that location, whichever is greater, and no more than 10 metres by 20 metres in floor area.
  2. The LDO will not permit amusement arcades (sui generis).
  3. Any buildings should use a materials selection that reflects the human scale and the diversity of the seafront. The use of concrete for steps and primary construction elements will be acceptable but should not predominate and should be offset with a choice of complimentary materials.
  4. Development will not be permitted in the SSSI zone.

Click here to view the adopted LDO and statement of reasons.

Area covered by the LDO

The LDO covers the area comprising the cliff slope, lower promenade and 20m of beach, measured from the seaward face of the promenade, along the 5kms of frontage from the north east boundaries of Clacton Pier and Clacton Pavilion towards Holland-on-Sea, ending at the Gunfleet Boating Club. No development will be permitted in the area of SSSI which falls within the area of the LDO.

Click here to view the plan of the LDO boundary.

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