Clubs & Groups Grant Funding Application Guidance

 (Harwich and Brightlingsea Sports Centre - formerly the joint use facility sites)

Tendring District Council has allocated a small fund to support the setup of local clubs/groups as part of what were formerly the joint-use facility sites; Harwich Sports Centre and Brightlingsea Sports Centre. The Grant scheme is open to applicants who require support to set up clubs/groups within these sites only. As part of the criteria for this scheme, we require further information to support your application. Below is some guidance on application eligibility for this scheme.

Who can apply for the funding scheme?

Tendring District Council invites applications from clubs/groups and casual users, including those who wish to establish brand new groups to formalise under the Sigma Trust operations, to continue delivering sports within Harwich and Brightlingsea Sports Centres. This application is open to residents that would like to set up/run a club/group in these two respective areas, therefore, the club/group must be located in one of these two Sports Centres (Harwich/Brightlingsea).

What will the funding scheme fund?

Tendring District Council is looking to fund clubs/groups within Harwich/Brightlingsea Sports Centre that meet the criteria for up to £500. (An allocation of more significant funds will be decided in consultation with the Cabinet Member.) All funds are a one-off and not reoccurring. The fund will support the initial setup cost of a club/group and cover insurance, professional membership fees, first aid, other supporting qualifications, IT systems, hiring fees, marketing and coaching fees. The Council can, if needed, also provide a signposting service to help and support the formation of any club or organisation. This service, along with the funding arrangements, will provide users with the information and funds to set up a club within Sigma Trusts' requirements and operations. As a result, casual users will have the option to transfer over to become regular club hirers, enabling them to use the facilities differently.

To be successful, proposals will need to demonstrate how they will benefit and meet demand within the local community. Clubs/groups must also be able to start in a timely manner.

The strategic priorities of Tendring District Council through this funding scheme are:

  • To support individuals and organisations in developing as a club/group, drive and sustain participation for local residents in participating in local sports, and live healthy and active lifestyles.
  • To develop individuals/clubs/groups through gaining skills and qualifications to support the running of their club/group overall
  • To strengthen localities, communities and networks within the Harwich and Brightlingsea area

What are the primary funding scheme's aims and priorities?

We will empower and work with clubs/groups or casual users who wish to form a club/group to formulate and establish themselves as approved 'club bookings and/or as organisations' through Sigma Trust arrangements. We will support building a solid position to sustain for the future and increase activity levels in the long term within the club/group.

What can we fund through this scheme?

  • Public liability insurance
  • First aid
  • Registration to the appropriate National Governing Body (NGB)
  • Additional professional membership fees:
  • Support towards facility hire through Sigma Trust
  • Equipment
  • Additional qualifications and training, including coaching
  • IT systems
  • Marketing
  • Any other costs which will benefit the whole club/group

What can we not fund through this scheme?

  • Club/groups that do not wish to run within Harwich/Brightlingsea Sports Centre, through the Sigma Trust and outside of the trust
  • Items that will only benefit an individual and not the whole club/group. This may include kit/equipment that is not shared
  • Sponsorship, endowments or loan repayments
  • Travel – including to/from the sports facility and to other areas/countries for sporting events
  • Fundraising events
  • Clubs/groups for commercial gain

Please note: This funding scheme will run until 30 September 2022 or until all funds have been allocated. Claims can be backdated from 1st April 2022, provided invoices and receipts are submitted with the application. 

How to apply?

In order to be considered for the funding scheme, please complete the application form and fill in as much detail as possible. Please email any questions and queries to Additionally, this email address can be used to request and submit paper applications, with (SITE NAME) Club/Group Grant Funding as the subject line of your email.

Online Clubs & Groups Grant Funding form

Following your application, your application will be assessed, and you will be updated accordingly.

When will you receive your grant for your club/group?

If successful, our finance team will engage with you to pass the approved funds to the appropriate individuals/persons within your club/group. Funds will only be released once the club's formation has been completed and the club has a direct bank account to be able to transfer the funds. Additionally, TDC may provide funds in small batches. For instance, the fund will be released subject to each agreed phase being achieved. This process may apply to more significant grants.

Please note: As part of this funding scheme, you will be asked to keep receipts for any expenditure costs for a period of 3 months from the date of receiving the fund, and these may be requested as proof at any given time.

How will your information be used?

Tendring District Council will use the information contained on this form to administer your application. The information will be kept for seven years following the end of the grant scheme, after which it will be securely erased. The information will only be shared with the relevant Tendring District Council Cabinet Member and internally where required. Information may need to be shared with the Sigma Trust (School Trust), to help support the application. Personal details only be shared with your prior consent. 

If any information in this document changes, please contact Tendring District Council via the email address as soon as possible to ensure all data is accurate and up to date. By submitting this application, you agree to your information being use for this purpose. 

The information will be kept securely in accordance with the requirements of data protection. Full privacy details can be located on our website – 

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