Kings Coronation

Coronation Details

21st January 2023 the Royal Household website announced plans for King Charles III Coronation, a subsequent letter was received on 26th January 2023 from the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. The current outline of plans are as follows:

Saturday 6 May

Coronation Day: The King’s Procession then the Coronation Ceremony followed by ‘The Coronation Procession’ then the balcony appearance at the Palace.

Sunday 7 May

The Coronation Concert: This will take place at Windsor Park and will include performances by the multi-cultural and diverse Coronation Choir.  A new addition will be the ‘Lighting Up of the Nation’ with lighting and drones.

The Coronation Big Lunch: The community is encouraged to embrace the invitation to join in ‘The Coronation Big Lunch’ by sharing food and fun together with gatherings and street parties within their communities. More detail on getting involved is available on the Coronation Big Lunch website.

Monday 8 May (national Bank Holiday)

The Big Help Out: The Big Help Out will provide an opportunity to reflect on the legacy of His Majesty’s service and showcase the impact of volunteering within communities. People across the UK will be able to get involved and more detail is available on The Big Help Out website.

For more information about the Coronation of King Charles III and how you can get involved visit the Coronation website.

Looking to hold an event?

Please note the deadline for applications is the 27th of March which has now passed.

Road Closure/Street parties

Planning a street party? What you need to do

Find out more information on street parties by clicking this link;

Please be aware that if you decide that you require a road closure to celebrate the coronation we will require a map of the closure and a suitable diversion route, which are required to be highlighted clearly in alternative colours. Further to this a petition style document must be supplied signed in support of the closure or any concerns raised by all residents and businesses that are within the proposed closure. The date and times of the closure must also be supplied for the closure to be placed for a consultation.

To be able to assist with all closures please ensure that all documents and information outlined above are submitted to Parking Services by 27th March.

What’s on

You can add your event or find local events by following this link;

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