Jaywick Sands Consultations

Tell us what you want to see in the future of Jaywick Sands!

Answer our consultation survey on the Jaywick Sands Place Plan, or drop into one of our events to find out more and have your questions answered. 

As a mark of respect to HM Queen Elizabeth II, the face to face events have been rearranged to commence after the period of national mourning.  To reflect this the consultation has been extended until Thursday 27th October.

New Dates:


Saturday 24th September 2022
12pm - 2pm

Inclusion Ventures

Wednesday 28th September 2022
7pm - 8pm

Online Webinar
click here to join webinar

Friday 7th October 2022
1pm - 3pm

Martello Tower

Thursday 13th October 2022
9.30am - 11.30am

Community Resource Centre

Saturday 22nd October 2022

10.30am - 1pm

Community Resource Centre


You can watch the consultation webinar as it happens from 7pm on Wednesday, 28 September, below - or to join the webinar and participate, use the link in the table above.

We are also consulting on the Jaywick Sands Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).  This is a statutory consultation under the Town and Country Planning Regulations. You may respond using our consultation survey for the SPD, or by emailing consultationfeedback@tendringdc.gov.uk, or by posting us a response to Planning Policy Dept, Clacton Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO15 1SE.

About the Jaywick Sands Place Plan

The regeneration of Jaywick Sands is a long term strategy.  To achieve this TDC have identified the following objectives;

• Transform housing quality and the built environment;

• Ensure long term flood resilience;

• Create greater connectivity to neighbouring areas;

• Attract commerce & new economic opportunities; and

• Improve people's life chances, access to public services & health & wellbeing

In order for these to be achieved, we are developing a Place Plan to guide the future development of Jaywick Sands. This will be shaped by the consultation that we are currently holding. You can read more in the Jaywick Sands Place Plan Interim Report.

About the Jaywick Sands Design Guide SPD

While we develop this long-term strategy, the Jaywick Sands Design Guide SPD will provide guidance to applicants who want to redevelop their plots in Jaywick Sands in the short term. Tendring District Council views the ongoing regeneration of Jaywick Sands as an opportunity to improve the safety of existing residents.  The approach is to allow new development, including new dwellings, in the area and to manage risk from flooding through bespoke building design rather than by resisting development. Clear guidance helps the applicant, the community and the Council facilitate regeneration which benefits the community as a whole.

Once adopted the Design Guide (SPD) will be a tool for property owners and developers, stakeholder and community members, and planning officers in determining planning applications and pre-application submissions.

Please read the full suite of consultation documents:

Jaywick Sands Design Guide SPD

Jaywick Sands Equality Impact Assessment

Jaywick Sands Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Statement

SEA Statutory Consultee Responses

Jaywick Sands Design Guide SPD Consultation Statement

Jaywick Sands Design Guide SPD Statutory Notice - Addendum



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