Nuisances - what the Council can do

Tendring District Council receives many and varied complaints from the public concerning their local environment.

Many of these complaints can be resolved by simply talking politely to the person causing the problem. However if the problem continues you should contact the Pollution team (see below).

What is a nuisance?

Whilst the Pollution team will try to resolve these complaints they can only deal with certain types of nuisance complaints which are defined in legislation (Environmental Protection Act 1990) these include:-

  • Conditions of premises
  • Smoke, fumes, dust, steam and smells from premises
  • Offensive accumulations
  • Smells and noises from animals
  • Noise
  • Artificial light nuisance

What happens when we receive a complaint?

If you complain to us about a nuisance an officer will contact you to discuss the problem and advise on what action can be taken. The officer will investigate your complaint including contacting the person causing the problem.

If a statutory nuisance is substantiated then a formal Abatement Notice will be served requiring the nuisance to be stopped. If this does not work then we have the power to prosecute the offender.

Some types of problems occur occasionally and if it is not possible for us to witness it, we may not be able to take any action.  Should this be the case then you have the right to take your own private action by complaining directly to the Magistrates Court.  A leaflet “Taking your own private actions” is available from the Council Offices, which will explain the procedure further.

What's not covered?

We cannot act outside the law and the following are examples of what are not considered statutory nuisances:-

  • Road traffic noise
  • Aircraft noise
  • Untidy gardens
  • Eyesores, including derelict properties
  • Daylight exclusion
  • Litter

Please note that Tendring is not a smoke free zone and therefore people are allowed to have bonfires in our district. We also do not have any time restrictions for bonfires in our area.

Although we are unable to assist in some of these matters we will try to advise on who may be able to assist you so that your problem is resolved.

Contact Details

Report a nuisance online
Address: Environmental Services, Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton On Sea, Essex, CO15 1SE
Tel: 01255 686767

Last updated on: 23/02/2023 - 08:54