Environmental Services - Out of Hours Emergencies

Environmental Services - Out of Hours Emergencies

As not all environmental emergencies occur during office hours, the Environmental team try to provide cover if an Officer is available, outside of normal office hours to deal with any emergencies that may arise.

How do I contact the Out of Hours Service?

The out of hours service is provided via the Council’s Careline Service and can be contacted on 01255 222022.

What is covered?

There is no definite list of what may be considered as an emergency. However Environmental Health emergencies may include noise from a burglar alarm, car alarm or a noisy party when a number of properties are reported to be seriously affected over a long period normally extending into the early hours of the morning; a serious outbreak of food poisoning; a serious accident or fatality at work or a case of illegal evictions/harassment.

Enquiries that would not normally be considered an emergency would include complaints of noise where only one neighbour is affected, complaints relating to smoke from bonfires or minor complaints about food premises.

What can I expect?

If the Council’s Careline Service consider your problem to be an emergency they will call the standby Environmental Health Officer and request that they contact you to discuss the matter further. The officer will provide professional advice and if appropriate carry out a site visit and take action to resolve the problem. Where appropriate the officer may require assistance from the local Police.

In the case of non-emergency enquiries the Council’s Careline Service would record the details of your enquiry and pass them to the Environmental Services team the next working day.

If you have a non-emergency enquiry please contact the Environmental Services team direct during normal office hours (8:45am to 5:15pm Monday to Thursday, 8:45am to 4:45pm Friday):

Contact Details:

Environmental Services
Email: environmental.services@tendringdc.gov.uk
Address: Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton On Sea, Essex, CO15 1SE
Telephone: 01255 686767

Telephone: 01255 222022

Some advice will vary from authority to authority so it is advisable to contact your own local authority.  To find out who your local authority is, you can check your Council Tax bill or enter your postcode on the Government information website GOV.UK

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