Air Quality

Under the Environment Act 1995 we are required to monitor and carry out periodic reviews of the air quality in the area and trying to predict how it will change in the next few years.

The UK Government has an Air Quality Strategy which sets out national air quality objectives. We are required to assess air quality against these objectives.

The main source of air pollution in our area is from port activities and traffic, like cars, lorries, buses and so on.  This can be made worse where traffic is slow moving through old narrow streets or near town centres.

The ones that can most affect our health are the nitrogen oxides like NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), and fine dust particles especially the ones which can be breathed deep into our lungs - called PM2.5 and PM10.

We monitor nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations in the air at a number of locations within the Tendring District.

Diffusion tubes

These tubes are mounted on lamp-posts, signposts or buildings and give a reading of Nitrogen Dioxide over a four week period.

The accuracy of diffusion tubes can vary by as much as 30% so they are generally used to identify long term trends.

The review and assessment of the air quality in Tendring is an ongoing process and we welcome your views, comments or ideas.

Air quality monitoring data

Annual Status Report 2022

Annual Status Report 2021

Annual Status Report  2020

Ways you can help to improve Air Quality

Residents can help improve air quality in Tendring by:

  • Reduce your number of car journeys, try walking or cycling instead
  • Combine your trips. If going further away consider public transport such as bus or train
  • Give car-sharing a go
  • Consider switching energy suppliers to companies who use renewable energy sources
  • Avoid burning at home, open fires and wood-burning stoves have a significant impact on air pollution
  • Plant more trees, plants can help clean the air around them by consuming

For more information, please Email: 
Address:  Council Tax Office, 88-90 Pier Avenue, Clacton on Sea, CO15 1TN
Telephone: 01255 686767

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