Please do not feed the Pigeons!

Pigeons cause considerable nuisance.   Attracting large numbers of pigeons can create problems for people living in the vicinity.   Pigeons are known to carry disease and their droppings are both noxious and unsightly.   If allowed to build up droppings can make walkways slippery and over time may cause damage to the fabric of buildings and/or result in insect infestation.

Food left on the ground to feed pigeons, particularly after dark may also attract rats and gulls to the area.

If you wish to feed garden birds and not attract pigeons and rats to your area guidance is readily available from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

We receive complaints about pigeons every year!  Some people think that if they do not feed pigeons, the birds will starve to death - this is not the case.

Pigeons are a thorn in everyone's side.   One of the reasons why pigeons are very close to us is that people tend to feed them.  Once the birds realise that they will be fed somewhere regularly, they will go to that area repeatedly, expecting a good meal.

Pigeon proofing works

Our pest control contractor can carry out pigeon proofing work on buildings.   Please call 01255 433999 if you would like more information.

Last updated on: 19/09/2019 - 16:04