Commonwealth Flag flies at Clacton Town Hall

Monday, 14 March, 2022
Chairman Councillor Jeff Bray and vice-chairman Councillor Peter Harris with others holding the Commonwealth Flag

A different flag is flying at Tendring District Council’s (TDC) Clacton Town Hall today (Monday, 14 March) to mark Commonwealth Day 2022.

The Commonwealth Flag was hoisted after a short ceremony led by TDC Chairman Jeff Bray, who read the Commonwealth Affirmation, and was attended by members of the public.

The affirmation reads: “We affirm that every person possesses unique worth and dignity. We affirm our respect for nature, and that we will be stewards of the earth by caring for every part of it, and for it as a whole. We affirm our belief in justice for everyone, and peace among peoples and nations.

“Joining together in kinship and affinity, in diversity and unity, as members of a worldwide family of nations, we build on shared inheritances. We cooperate with mutual respect and goodwill to deliver a common future for the good of all.

“Through Commonwealth connection we learn from one another, and innovate to transform our communities, our nations and our world.”

Councillor Bray said: “I was honoured to play a part in this special day and see the Commonwealth Flag flown for all of the district’s residents; demonstrating unity across the Commonwealth and how we stand with all its nations.”

Tendring is one of hundreds of locations flying the flag across more than 40 countries throughout the Commonwealth nations of the world, and local authorities and civic dignitaries, community groups and charities throughout the British Isles are taking part in flag-raising events.

The ceremony gives people the opportunity to share in the widespread public expression of commitment to the Commonwealth, appreciation of the values it stands for, and the chances it affords to its citizens around the world.

Last updated on: 14/03/2022 - 13:34