Autumn consultation set over proposed next steps for Jaywick Sands

Friday, 17 June, 2022
Aerial view of Jaywick Sands showing Brooklands and the Village.

A consultation will be held in the Autumn over proposed next steps for Jaywick Sands.

Tendring District Council (TDC) is looking to develop a Place Plan for the area, a framework to build on recent positive steps, such as new council homes built locally, and the new workspace and market project, building work for which has just begun.

The approach to the Place Plan was considered by TDC’s Planning Policy and Local Plan Committee last month (May), and today (Friday, 17 June) by Cabinet – which agreed to hold a full community consultation in September and October to see what local people would like to see for the area’s future.

TDC will also be consulting on a draft Design Guide for Jaywick Sands, laying out minimum design requirements for new properties built in the area. This considers latest guidance from the Environment Agency and national standards, showing how new homes can be designed to increase flood safety, ensure privacy for neighbours, and retain Jaywick Sands’ character.

The results of the consultation will help the council refine the proposals into a more detailed plan for further consideration.

Paul Honeywood, TDC Cabinet Member with Special Responsibility for Jaywick Sands, encouraged people to take part in the consultation when it launches.

“We need to take a broad view on the whole of Jaywick Sands if we are to successfully address the complex challenges – and grasp the strong opportunities – which it holds,” Councillor Honeywood said.

“These next steps build upon the good work done over a number of years, and as a rolling stone gathers no moss we’re really building some momentum now.

“The consultation is timed for the Autumn so that people who may go away for the summer will not miss out on the opportunity to have their say, and when the time comes I would ask everyone to give us their views. It is really important to us that the community is part of this place-shaping process.”

Ideas proposed to be considered through development of the Place Plan are some development of affordable housing and services on land owned by TDC either side of Lotus Way; redeveloping empty plots within Brooklands and the Village areas; working with landlords to improve housing quality; as well as improvements to streets and open spaces, such as making Brooklands one-way.

The aim is to ensure the long-term improvement of Jaywick Sands as a place to live and work, and will depend on improvements to flood defences – which are currently being assessed by the Environment Agency. The council is committed to working positively with the community to find the best way forward and has ruled out compulsory purchase orders or full-scale demolition – unpopular options that were considered in the past.

The Cabinet reports are available to view here: Agenda for Cabinet on Friday, 17th June, 2022, 10.30 am (

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