Tendring District Caravan, Camping and Chalet Forum

Since the St Jude Storm of October 2013, the Emergency Planning Team has been working with other TDC Services and caravan parks to make emergency incident notification an easier process; and as part of Tendring District Council’s Community Resilience work, recent events such as the December Surge, Christmas and February Storms further highlighted the need for the creation of procedures supporting formal liaison with the many caravan, camping and chalet sites across the District.

As a result of these incidents, the inaugural meeting of the Tendring District Caravan, Camping and Chalet Forum was held on Thursday 13th February 2014.

The event was attended by owners and operators of caravan and chalets parks from across the District and representatives from Tendring District Council Emergency Planning, Planning and Licensing services.

The purpose of this group is to:

  • Promote and assist in preparation of Generic Emergency Plans for Caravan, Camping and Chalet Parks;
  • Promote and assist in Generic Emergency Planning for each site;

 To provide updates and liaison with Tendring District Council:

  • Planning Services
  • Licencing Services;
  • Housing Services;
  • Council Tax

and to provide an opportunity for Operators and owners to liaise with each other.

Presentations were given providing an overview of:

  • Tendring District Council Emergency Planning arrangements,  where and how the caravan and chalet park operators fitted into them;
  • Caravan and Chalet Site Reviews;
  • Overview of Site Licensing Conditions

This was then followed by on Open Forum for Q&A.

It was agreed by all in for the forum to meet every six months, with the next meeting being held in July 2014.

If you own or operate a Caravan, Camping or Chalet Site within the District and would like further information please contact:

Emergency Planning
Barnes House
92 Pier Avenue
Clacton on sea
CO15 1NJ
Email: eplanning@tendringdc.gov.uk

Click here to download Generic Site Emergency Plan template.

13 February 2014: Agenda / 3 x presentations / Generic Site Emergency Plan Template
9 July 2014: Agenda / presentations / Generic Site Emergency Plan template

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