How can I find out who owns land if it is not Tendring District Council?

The Council does not keep records of the ownership of land in general. Information that we hold for other purposes, for instance for rates or safety inspections, are not exhaustive and are protected by the Data Protection Act.

We are unable to provide you with information held for these purposes. We can, of course, tell you if we own a piece of land. The assets team can be contacted at or information is available online by following one of the links on our main assets page.

Tendring District Council is not the only council in the district. More information on other councils and how to find out about their land can be found on their relevant web pages or on the Essex Property Assets Map.

If your question is about your own boundaries and rights over other land it may be useful to check your own deeds as a first step.

HM Land Registry holds a register of land ownership. However, registration has only been compulsory in the District since 1990, so land that has not been sold or let since then may not be registered. You can do a property search on the HM Land Registry website or you can see HM Land Registry contact details here.

Some information about government and other publicly owned land can be found at

Before committing to expenditure on searches, or if these aren't helpful, it is likely to be useful to enquire locally about the land you are interested in. Perhaps with neighbours or other people who are in a position to build up knowledge of the land. You can find more information on how to enquire about unregistered land on the blog.

In all cases please seek appropriate professional advice if you are in any doubt at all about property or legal issues. Use this link to get advice.

Last updated on: 05/07/2022 - 14:17