Enforcement Strategy

Our approach to Enforcement

Encouraging businesses to come to Tendring and keeping a clean and safe district is critical for our residents, visitors and businesses.  We know there is a strong link between quality of the environment and people’s health, safety and quality of life.

We work hard to get the balance right between being open for business yet protecting our residents.  How we carry out enforcement is an important part of this work.  We work with our local community to develop the right levels of enforcement.

We will always try to work with individuals and local businesses to provide advice about their responsibilities, as some may be unaware of the permissions they may need. We want new businesses to open and expand so will do all we can to help identify any blockages for them. However, if we need to, we will use our powers in a firm but fair way to make sure people do not break the law.  Our Enforcement Strategy explains how we will do this.  Some of our services have their own specific enforcement policies and you can contact them to ask to see these policies.

Enforcement Strategy

Last updated on: 10/10/2017 - 10:36