Mobile Food Business

Operating a mobile food business

There are certain restrictions on where you can trade with a mobile food vehicle within the Tendring District.

If you are parking on private land this must always be with the express permission of the owner of the land.   There may be planning constraints attached to the land so we would always advise that you check with our planning officers before coming to any agreement with a landowner.

You cannot trade from any council owned land.  Permission is not normally given but there are certain permitted sites that are leased through a tender arrangement.

Trading from a public highway (includes footpaths, verges and lay bys) is generally prohibited but you should contact the Essex County Council Highways for further advice

Whatever you set up to trade you must consider the impact of your business on the neighbourhood and environment.   You must operate your business in a manner that will not give rise to a public health nuisance.   This might occur through cooking odours from your vehicle/trailer affecting nearby properties, or from noise, waste and litter generated by you and your customers.

Please note that other councils may have different rules for trading with a mobile vehicle/trailer in their area, so please contact Environmental Health in the appropriate council area before you start trading.

Last updated on: 27/01/2016 - 16:16