Real Nappies

A baby will use an average of 5,000 disposable nappies from birth until potty trained.

Disposable nappies thrown in your dustbin are buried in Essex landfill sites.

Over a third of a million disposable nappies are buried in Essex landfill sites every day!

No one knows how long it takes for the plastic parts of a disposable nappy to decompose. Estimations of a few hundred years have been suggested, which means the first ever disposable nappy made is still lying around somewhere.

All nappies have some environmental impact but you can reduce nappy waste going to a landfill site by using cloth nappies.

Although there have been no scientific trials, both parents and health professionals have recognised that a child in cloth nappies becomes potty trained far sooner than those in disposables.  This is because the child is able to feel some wetness: this awareness acts as a stimulant to encourage your child to use a potty.

The Essex Real Nappy Campaign was established in 2000 to encourage parents and carers to try cloth nappies as an alternative to disposable nappies. The campaign has evolved into a continual educational campaign, helping to raise awareness throughout Essex. This ongoing work was recognised nationally in 2002 when the campaign won the silver award for 'environmental best practice' at the CIWM Green Apple Awards.

The campaign aims to reduce the amount of nappies in the Essex waste stream by increasing the use of cloth nappies, raise awareness through education of the environmental issues associated with the use of nappies and overcome the perception the cloth nappies are old fashioned and less effective than disposables.

The information on this page is reproduced from the Essex County Council web site.


Last updated on: 25/07/2014 - 14:12