Planning Application and Decision Lists

Below you will find our weekly lists of received planning applications and planning decisions (in PDF format).

Alternatively, you can search and view by date on our Public Access system. You can view more information on how planning decisions are made generally here.

Some planning decisions are made by our Planning Committee - you can see the latest minutes here.

Please ensure you have read the advice "Commenting on Planning Applications" before commenting.

Planning Applications Received

w.e. 10 February 2017

w.e. 3rd February 2017

w.e. 27 January 2017

w.e. 20 January 2017

w.e 13 January 2017

w.e. 6 January 2017


Planning Decisions Made

w.e. 10 February 2017

w.e. 3 February 2017

w.e. 27 January 2017

w.e. 20 January 2017

w.e. 13 January 2017

w.e.6 January 2017


If you are intending to comment on a planning application via the public access system, please note, the statement, “Comments may not be submitted at this time” on the Comments page is misleading. You may still comment, provided the consultation period has not expired and you have registered and logged in. If you have not previously registered, please do so by clicking the “Register” button and following the online instructions. We are working with our IT partner, IDOX to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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