View the technical studies and background evidence supporting the new Local Plan

The following technical studies and pieces of background evidence have helped to inform the preparation of our new Local Plan:

Healthy Places

Open Spaces Strategy (2009)

Green Infrastructure Study for the Haven Gateway (2008)

Essex Planning Officers Association guidance note health impact association (2008)

Living Places

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Update (Dec 2015)

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Executive Summary (Dec 2015)

Objectively Assessed Housing Need Study (2016)

Essex Gypsy and Traveller and Showpeople Accommodation Assessment (2014)

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (2014)

CIL Viability Report (2013)  CIL Viability Report Appendix (2013)

Prosperous Places

Tendring District Council employment land review (2016)

Tendring District Council retail study (2016)

Appendices Combined - Tendring Retail Study

Tendring District Council retail study  executive summary (2016)

Assessment of Mistley Port (2009)

Coastal Resorts Hotel and Guesthouse Retention Study (2009) and Holiday Park Sector Review (2009)

Protected Places

District Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Habitat Regulations Assessment Survey and Monitoring - Year 3 Interim Report (November 2012)

Harwich Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Part 1 (2008) and Part 2 (2008)

Jaywick Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2015)

Haven Gateway Watercycle Study Stage 1 (2008) and Stage 2 (2009)

Historic Environment Characterisation Project (2008)

Landscape Character Assessment Volume 1 (2001) and Volume 2 (2001)

Landscape Impact Assessment Stage 1 (2009) and Stage 2 (2010)

Local Wildlife Site Review (2009)

Manningtree Town Centre Design and Development Brief (2010)

Tendring Geodiversity Characterisation Report (2009)

Walton Regeneration Framework (2010)

Garden Community

Baseline Compendium

Garden Community Charter

Opportunities and Constraints

Options and Evaluation

Connected Places

Tendring Local Plan Modelling Stage 2

Tendring Local Plan Modelling Support

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