Preparing the Local Plan

Background to the Local Plan

Up until 2011, we were working on a plan in accordance with the relevant planning regulations and national planning policies that were in place at that time. They required councils to prepare a ‘Local Development Framework’ (LDF) containing a series of planning documents that, together, would form the plan for the area. Following the government’s introduction of the new National Planning Policy Framework and revisions to the planning regulations in 2012, we chose to proceed with a single ‘Local Plan’ in line with current requirements. However, all the previous technical studies, survey work and public consultation carried out for the LDF remained relevant and helped to inform the content of the new Local Plan.

Evidence gathering

Since 2007, we have prepared and commissioned several technical studies on housing, employment, infrastructure, retail, ecology, flood risk and other subjects. We have also been meeting and exchanging information with partner organisations such as Essex County Council, the Environment Agency, Natural England, the NHS and others to understand some of the district’s social, economic, physical, environmental and infrastructure limitations and to formulate some sensible options for future growth. View the technical studies here.

Previous Public Consultations

Consultation on 'Issues and possible options' - 23 March to 30 May 2009

Consultation on the 'Draft Core Strategy and Development Policies Document' - 21 October to 6 December 2010

Consultation on housing issues - 29 September to 31 October 2011

Consultation on the Draft Local Plan - 9 November 2012 to 7 January 2013

Consultation on Pre-Submission Focussed Changes to the Local Plan - 9 January to 17 February 2014

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