Tenant Involvement

Photograph of the Tenants Panel in a meeting seated around tables set in a squareWe know that not all tenant and leaseholders will want the same level of involvement in all areas of the housing service and that this may range from simply being kept informed about housing issues to taking an active role in policy making decisions.

Resident Involvement Strategy Action Plan

Resident Involvement Strategy 2016-2019


The levels of involvement that we aim to provide will include:

  • Provision of information - where we send you a letter or other means of correspondence to let you know what is planned.
  • Consultation - where we ask for your views and comments and take these into account before making a decision
  • Participation - where decisions are made jointly.
  • Co-regulation - monitoring performance and promoting transparency.

Further details about each of these are given in the pages linked above and a summary of the opportunities for involvement is included in our Tenant Involvement newsletter which is sent to all tenants each year.

We have also set up a Customer Involvement Register to enable you to choose the way you want to be involved, for example taking part in the occasional survey or joining our Tenants Panel, as well as the topics you would like to be involved in.

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