Repairs and Maintenance

Photograph of a blue toolbox with toolsIf you would like to report a repair, please use the link on the right for on-line reporting or use our Report a repair page for alternative reporting methods.

As your landlord, we are responsible for most of the repairs to your home. This means that we will repair and maintain:

  • the structure and outside of your home, including windows and external doors;
  • fittings for gas, electricity and water supplies;
  • basins, sinks, baths and toilets;
  • heating and hot water facilities; and
  • all shared areas and facilities or services such as lifts.

However, there are some repairs that you are responsible for and these include:

  • replacing fuses, bulbs and plugs inside your home;
  • internal decoration;
  • chimney sweeping;
  • arranging access if you lock yourself out of your home;
  • any damage caused by you, or someone else who lives in or visits your home;
  • any damage caused by your own fixtures and fittings; and
  • any damage to your belongings.

You can find out more by reading our Repairs Handbook.

If we need to carry out a repair that is your responsibility, for safety or other reasons, or if we need to maintain any fixtures or fittings installed by you, we will charge you for the full cost of this work.

Emergency repairs

Find out what qualifies as an emergency repair.

Planned works

We have an ongoing programme where we plan maintenance and improvement work in advance such as installing double glazing for groups of properties.

Adapting your home

To adapt your home to make life easier for you and install items such as stairlifts.

Making improvements to your home

If you wish to alter your home, you will need to be a secure tenant and ask our permission.

Important safety information

Advice on keeping yourself safe in your council home.

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