Residents to get new village shop

Tuesday, 10 January, 2017

Residents in Great Bromley are in line to get a new village shop.

The go ahead has been given for six new homes to be built at Little Paddocks in Frating Road and as part of the scheme an existing barn on the site will be used for the store.

The current access on Harwich Road will be closed off and a new access created on Frating Road which runs along the western boundary of the plot.

A pedestrian access will be kept at the northern end to link up with a new footpath which also serve and new covered bus shelter.

The outline plans, put forward by Martin O’Brien, have been approved by Tendring District Council (TDC) and were supported by Great Bromley Parish Council.

An internal spine road with a turning head will be created for the six properties and garages and there will be ten parking bays provided for the shop.

Final details of the proposal – such as scale, layout and design – will still need to be agreed by TDC in due course.

The site is in the countryside and the Council had to decide whether it was a sustainable development and it passed on all three criteria.

A TDC spokesman said: “This development is low density and would not adversely impact on the character of the area.

“Given that it provides benefits to the local community and is located close to an existing bus stop it meets the social strand of sustainability. New residents will also be able to support local services and facilities.”

Essex County Council, as the highway authority, raised no objections to the scheme - although three letters of opposition were received from residents.

Last updated on: 10/01/2017 - 13:38