New proposed wards for Tendring submitted to Boundary Commission

Monday, 9 January, 2017

A proposal for revamped wards across Tendring to match a reduction of 12 Councillors has been put forward.

Tendring District Council (TDC) currently has 60 Councillors and the Local Government Boundary Commission for England is suggesting that is cut to 48.

As part of the Commission’s consultation process TDC has redrawn the ward boundaries and submitted its proposals by today’s deadline.

It involves 45 District wards; 42 with a single Councillor and three with two Councillors.

That compares to the current 35 wards of which 23 have two Councillors, 11 have one and one has three.

Paul Honeywood, who chairs TDC’s Electoral Review Working Party, said that a great deal of work and time has gone into coming up with the response to the Commission.

“All Councillors have had the opportunity to feed into and take part in this process and everyone has been listened to,” he said.

“It has been a very open and transparent procedure and no one can say they have not had their chance to be involved. The full proposals will be on the Council’s website for everyone to scrutinise.

“The intention is that number of Councillors is brought down to 48 – a significant reduction.”

It is expected that the proposals will bring costs down by around £60,000 per year.

The idea of having one Councillor per ward wherever that is possible will not only help the whole electoral process but also help make it clear to residents who their Councillor is.

If the Commission accepts the proposals there will be 18 wards in Clacton; six in Harwich and Dovercourt; six in Frinton and Walton; three in Brightlingsea, one in Lawford and Manningtree and 11 in the rural areas.

The average number of the electorate represented by each Councillor will be 2,417 people.

TDC is aware that some Town and Parish Councils have also submitted their own ideas and comments to the Commission.

The Commission will publish its own draft recommendations in March and the new arrangements will come into effect from the next District elections in 2019. There will be a further chance to comment at that stage.

TDC’s full submission will be available on its website, by the end of the week.

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