Further travellers turn up at leisure site

Thursday, 13 April, 2017

A further group of Travellers have turned up at Walton’s Bath House Meadow bringing the total number of caravans to 16.

Essex Countywide Traveller Unit (ECTU) went to serve a Direction to Leave on the original group that turned up on Tuesday evening.

It gives them 24 hours to vacate the land on Eastern Promenade before the unit goes down the route of obtaining a court order.

It will be necessary to make an appointment with the County Court and it can be several days before the court hearing takes place.

However, they were not able to serve the direction on the six new caravans that arrived overnight and that will need to take place on Tuesday.

There are also a large number of vehicles along with the caravans on the land which may be needed for car parking over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

The group are in front of the town’s Columbine Centre and next to Walton on the Naze Lifestyles.

Nigel Brown, TDC’s Communications Manager, said the initial group told TDC staff that they were just staying one night until they caught a ferry from Harwich to The Netherlands.

"That obviously is not the case as they have not vacated the Bath House Meadow as they said they would by yesterday evening," he said.

"In fact, not only have they not moved on but they have been joined by another six new caravans which means a significant number taking up a considerable amount of space.

"If we are to be successful in evicting the Travellers we need to go through the correct processes and use the specialist ECTU to deal with unauthorised encampments of this type."

TDC will continue to monitor the situation today and over the weekend.

Last updated on: 13/04/2017 - 14:34