Clampdown on unauthorised HMO continues

Friday, 6 January, 2017

The clampdown on the unauthorised use of properties in Clacton as houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) is continuing.

Tendring District Council (TDC) is currently following up enforcement action on number 12 Edith Road.

The property was originally run as a guesthouse and its use as an HMO was unauthorised.

TDC also refused planning permission for it to be converted into flats.

The owner appealed against both decisions and any action was therefore put on hold until after the hearing which was due to take place in February.

However, the appeals were both withdrawn last month and therefore the enforcement notice came back into force on December 23 last year.

The owner has now been written to and informed that the new target date for the use as an HMO to cease is June 23, 2017.

Paul Honeywood, TDC’s Cabinet Member for Housing, said that this is part of a concerted effort to tackle the issue in the town.

“Many people in Clacton believe that we have far too many bedsits and that too many hotels and guesthouses have been lost over the years,” he said.

“Some of these have not got planning permission and we are taking positive action to redress this balance which affects our attraction as a visitor destination.”

Cllr Honeywood said another consideration is the poor location of the HMOs and the poor quality of the accommodation for the occupiers.

“These HMOs are not good for the town – or the people who have to live in them,” he added.

The conversion into HMOs in the town centre goes against TDC’s policy not to allow a change of use from hotels or guesthouses in the centre of coastal resorts without prior proof that the use is no longer viable.

Cllr Honeywood stressed that the Council is continuing to investigate the use of a number of buildings in the town and across the District.

“It is not our intention to make anyone homeless and anyone forced to leave their home as a result of any enforcement action taken should contact our housing options team who are here to provide advice on finding other accommodation if necessary,” he said.

Last updated on: 06/01/2017 - 09:35